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Rubychain Dev
2 min readDec 26, 2023

The Blockchain Ruby Testnet marks a significant milestone in the development journey of Ruby Smartchain. As we inch closer to the mainnet launch, the testnet serves as a playground for developers, enthusiasts, and the broader community to explore and test the capabilities of Ruby Smartchain in a risk-free environment.

Acquiring testnet tokens is made easy with the testnet faucet:

How to Get Started:

  1. Access the RPC Endpoint:
    Developers can connect their applications to the testnet by configuring the RPC endpoint in their development environments.
  2. Explore with Chain ID 1912:
    Set the Chain ID to 1912 to ensure that your interactions and transactions are directed to the Ruby Smartchain testnet.
  3. Use tRUBY in Transactions:
    Utilize the testnet’s native token, tRUBY, in your transactions and smart contract experiments. This virtual currency allows you to simulate real-world scenarios without any financial risks.
  4. Monitor Activity on the Explorer:
    Stay informed about the testnet’s performance by exploring blocks, transactions, and addresses on the dedicated testnet explorer
  5. Claim tRUBY from the Faucet:
    Ensure you have enough testnet tokens by claiming tRUBY from the testnet faucet The faucet provides a hassle-free way to obtain tokens for your testing needs.

The Blockchain Ruby Testnet is a crucial phase in the evolution of Ruby Smartchain, offering a glimpse into the robustness and potential of the upcoming mainnet. Developers and enthusiasts are invited to dive into the testnet environment, experiment with smart contracts, and contribute to the shaping of Ruby Smartchain’s future. As we embark on this journey together, the testnet serves as a collaborative space for innovation and exploration within the Ruby blockchain ecosystem.



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Ruby Chain stands out as a robust and innovative blockchain platform with several key features that set it apart in the decentralized landscape.